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ArchiDoc-ASP: full features client/server document management system.

The system is built around a hierarchical strong security model whereby an administrator can fully control access to folders, documents and other resources. In addition, the administrator may choose to delegate control to other supervisors who in turn can control access to resources under their sub domain..

ArchiDoc-ASP does not store your documents on the file system where it may be compromised. All of your documents are stored in a robust Oracle Database with access from anywhere using a TCP/IP network..

System is simple to learn and implement because the user interface is similar to Windows Explorer and is integrated with any desktop application like MS Office, ACAD etc.

This solution allows collaboration (team work) and eliminates the problem of distributing confidential files by controlling access to sensitive documents. Internet centric design and easy administration makes it a perfect low-cost solution for document management

ASP specific options :

  • Create and manage unlimited domains (virtually private databanks)
  • Custom branded
  • Unlimited library creation
  • Complete customer billing option (for ASP)
  • Enterprise world wide access via any TCP/IP connection
  • Unlimited Space (limited to your hard drive)
  • Unlimited user connections
  • Instant back-up

Main features:

  • Handy User's Interface
    Easy-to-use Explorer-like interface allows you easily navigate through document and media files on our computer and perform all actions just by one mouse click even for unproficient user.
  • Multilingua support
  • ArchiDoc supports foreign languages.
    To change language use menu Database>Language and select proper language
  • Reliability
    ArchiDoc uses secure storage that is safe from internal and external manipulation.
  • Collaboration
    Flexible and sophisticated control over access to files and folders. Specific access rules may be applied to individual user(s) and/or user group(s).
  • Document preview
    Inbuilt viewer recognizes more then 20 document and image formats.
  • Document life cycle management (Project management)
    ArchiDoc introduces standard team work environment: check in/out options, version control, personalized authorization and approval.
  • Effective search and presentation
    Filtering, search, presentation and reporting in HTM, XLS, XML formats.
  • Office Integration with third party (like MS Office) software.
  • Integration with other document management systems
    Batch Export/Import format, that allows to exchange data with other Canteco document management products - ArchiDoc, ArchiDoc-Crypto, SPDS-Archive.
  • Platform independence
    User's interface has XP-style look and feel on any version of Windows OS (9x, ME, NT, 2000, XP).
  • Cost saving implementation
    ArchiDoc client installation does not need hardware or software upgrade. It can be easily installed on any OS - on W95 and up.

System requirements (client installation):

  • Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 98SE, NT, 2000, ME, or XP
  • 64MB of RAM and 300MHz (128 MB and faster processor recommended)

System requirements (server):

  • ORACLE 8.0.5, 8.1.x, 9.x.x

User's Guide (PDF file) | download
Multilingua support